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AR0396 EMPORIO ARMANI mens watch AR0396 Chronograph
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AR1787 Watch Emporio Armani Valente Ar1787 Men´s Blue
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  • M. Johansson

M. Johansson

The manufacturer M.Johansson convinces with a watch collection, which stands for expressive, high-quality and modern masterpieces. Both the design, material and technology for a unique quality to speak at an excellent price-performance ratio. M.Johansson watches are therefore not only timely, M.Johansson pretend watches with new courage style trends. Design and engineering of the M.Johansson clocks are at the cutting edge. This philosophy is internalized and acted out by the carriers of M.Johansson watches - they love them.

 A real statement in the trend accessories. See for yourself strong trend of these timepieces.

With the AulisGGBDcrbn you get a clock with automatic drive.
Pris: 2 195 kr AulisGGBDcrbn     Lager: Direkt från leverantör
With the MoziaLBBD you get a clock with automatic drive.
Pris: 2 195 kr MoziaLBBD     Lager: Direkt från leverantör

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